Sampling, or a rip-off?

Well, a fella in a music production web forum ( started this subject about one of the tracks Timbaland produced.
The track is "Throw It On Me" and released in Nelly Furtado's album.
I really wonder if anyone paid royalties.
Can we consider this as a "sampling" too? If yes, where's/what's the border?


  1. Neither of them. It's called "Stealing". xD

  2. this is not stealing, and if u think it is, you don't understand how art evolved since the rock age till now by imitating.

    the fact is that the timbaland song (that i hate) is not the same and induces diferent emotions on the listener than the original, so this is not stealing, if timbaland or any other producer sampled one of my song i'd be honored, because to sample is to tribute.

  3. Baltazar, I've witnessed how samplers evolved and how the term "sampling" has turned into: "tweaking/re-using a recorded material/song".

    By law, when a recorded material produced by the person "A" is used and clearly recognizable in person B's later recording, B has to pay money to A.
    Just like in here, in this case.
    Later I learnt that Timbaland (or any of his representatives) haven't paid a thing.

    This is called stealing, and noone should accept stealing as a "God sent" thing, even if it were for MJJ (RIP), or even it were for the best cause that you could imagine.
    It at least needs a permission given by the original author/owner.

    Besides that, the feeling of "honor" is in the eye of the beholder. I'd suggest you to stop assuming that anyone and everyone should be honored, just because you feel/felt it that way.

    Thank you for your comment. That's the reason why I asked that question, in the end.

    Take care,


  4. I'm not sure why this has been singled out - it's a typical use of sampling surely? Timbaland should of course pay royalties to the original copyright holder, though I can imagine how tricky negotiating that might be, when no prior agreement has been made and the composer is David against the record company's Goliath.

  5. Jazz musicians "sample" all the time and no one has an issue with that. Jazz saxophonist will play Parker licks on their records all day and it's considered ok. As long as you give credit and pay the original artist for using their song I think that sampling is a part of music and will alwys be.

  6. Cool article...I personally think the whole copyright laws surrounding sampling are far too strict...obvious vocals and riffs I can understand, but stabs, small loops etc I think ppl need to chill out! Platinum Mastering Online Blog

  7. I thinking sampling itself is an art and requires music talent. However people should pay respects to the originator.

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